Ivan Dario Hernandez


Ivan Dario Hernandez

Realizado en Maracaibo 1998

Medidas : 28 Cm de ancho x 33 de Altura

Técnica Mixta sobre Papel.

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Iván Darío Hernández

Iván Darío Hernández
Artista. Digital.

  • 11/1955
  • Venezuela
  • Escuela de Artes Plásticas ‘Cristóbal Rojas’ (Caracas-Venezuela 1972-1975)
School of Plastic Arts ‘Cristóbal Rojas’ (Caracas-Venezuela 1972-1975)Although I have always thought that the plastic work ‘speaks for itself’. I will direct some thoughts to all of you who visit my space in ‘Virtual Gallery’ today:’Certainly my plastic work, it is figurative, its main character is Man, which is shown in the midst of its social and cultural environment, where it develops by overcoming or being overcome by events or circumstances that the man in his journey through the life can generate.I get to know at times that in my country, Venezuela, develops with great enthusiasm (decades of the ’70s and’ 80s) the artistic movement of the ‘New Figuration’. It is the time of the great artistic confrontations, salons, biennials are dedicated to the DRAWING.

Escenas de la Vida: Galería de Pintura/Digital de Iván Darío Hernández.


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